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Can we make custom cakes?
Yes, Bakemans make custom cakes on order. You can browse the designs from our gallery.
Which cakes can be decorated?
Most, but not all, of our cakes can be decorated. Some cakes will not hold elaborate decorations because of the texture. Cakes that cannot be decorated or have an inscription include: Coconut, German Chocolate, Icebox cake, Flourless Chocolate cake and Lemon Vanilla Bundt cake.
How do you preserve things?
Chances are there that particular type of bakery products are not available all time, due to this if preserved then they can be enjoyed. Way to keep bakery products mold-free and good texture Bakeman has turned to preservatives like calcium propionate and organic acids.
Can I refrigerate my cake or cup cake or pastrie?
We suggest that you refrigerate them within two hours in winters and one hour in summer.
What kinds of baked items do you sell?
Lots of cakes and cupcakes, chocolate Valrhona cake, strawberry shortcake, cookies, fruit tarts, pies and so much more! We specialize in custom cakes and cookies for all your events.
When was Bakeman Bakers founded?
We have been serving our honorable customers since 1999
Do you take orders online?
Currently we do not, but we have planned this for future. So stay tuned!
How to preserve dry cake & pastries?
Airtight containers are the best choice when it comes to preservation. You can store them for good 3 days with refrigeration. However, if you wish to freeze them you can keep them fresh for 12 days. Just defrost them at room temperature for an hour and then heat them in a flame over or microwave oven.
How can I store biscuits, cake rusk and rusk?
Again the storage is airtight container. This will keep them fresh for 12 days.
How to preserve puff pastry product line?
Products like butter puff, cheese finger, baqa khani and french heart can be stored in air tight containers for almost a week. Please do not microwave them else they will loss their crispness.
Can I store chicken patties?
They will remain fresh and crisp for 4 hours. Microwave heating is not recommended.